Goofy Ahhrena Codes (April 2024)

Use these Goofy Ahhrena codes to get in-game cash, items, and freebies!

Goofy Ahhrena is an experience created by G2E Studios for Roblox. Players battle it out in arena-style combat, using various skills to deal damage and put down enemies. You’ll unlock in-game cash as you play, which you can use to buy characters, emotes, and more. Aside from playing, players can also use codes to get more freebies.

Use the Goofy Ahhrena codes below to get more in-game doubloons, cash, limited-time items, characters, emotes, and more. New codes release often, and they do not last forever. Use the codes while they last if you do not want to miss out on freebies!

April 12 2024: We checked for new Goofy Ahhrena codes.

All Goofy Ahhrena Codes

  • HW5567: 500 Coins
  • BlockyBoysInYourArea: 234 Coins
  • COINSKINS!!!11!1: 399 Coins
  • gigaplatinumOMG: Gigachad Star Skin
  • finallyomgidonthavetoholddownleftshift!!120948@#: 300 Coins
  • ballin: Shaggy Baller Skin
  • OmniDaMan: 500 Doubloon
  • SAGETEMPEST: 500 Doubloon
  • tEnKaYOhhMaaGawwd!: 250 Doubloon
  • qwertyuiopoasdfghjklzxcvbnm: 250 Doubloon
  • RobloxShutdown: 250 Doubloon
  • SRYFORDELAYS: 250 Doubloon
  • FIVEKAYLIKES: 250 Doubloon
  • 1KPLYRSLETSGOOO!: 250 Doubloon
  • THEGOAT!: 300 Doubloon & 1 Football

How to use codes

To use codes in Goofy Ahhrena, just type them into chat and hit enter. Follow these steps to redeem codes:

  1. Launch Goofy Ahhrena in Roblox
  2. Tap Arena to load into the match
  3. Tap on the AFK button on the left side of the screen
  4. Press the Codes button
  5. Enter a working code into the input field
  6. Press Confirm
how to redeem codes in Goofy Ahhrena

Where to get more codes

Players can find more codes for Goofy Ahhrena in two places. First, follow the Goofy Ahhrena page on Roblox and check the description for new codes. Players can also join the official community Discord server to stay up-to-date with game announcements and monitor for new codes. We post all the new codes on this page, so you can bookmark us and check back daily for new ones.

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