Google Stadia Shutting Down Early 2023

Google Stadia shutters after only 3 years

The downside of dreaming big and bold is that not all dreams come true. Google’s ambitious gaming service, Stadia, allows users to play games by running the game itself on Google’s hardware, streaming the result directly to their devices. It requires a good internet connection, but even outdated or low-powered devices can access high-fidelity gaming experiences. Unfortunately for all parties involved, Google Stadia is shutting down in early 2023. 

Whatever your service of choice, Origin, Steam, GoG, there’s always the risk that it won’t be around someday, and if that day ever comes, we hope their providers can be as accommodating. 

When Will Google Stadia Shut Down?

The game servers and Google Stadia platform will go offline on January 18, 2023. Purchases have already been disabled, including in-game purchases. Games relying on said purchases may experience problems during this period, but the others should function as intended. 

Can I Refund Purchases on Google Stadia?

The refund covers hardware and software purchases, the latter covering both in-game purchases and titles. Google is still working out the details but intends to post hardware refund instructions on their website, which will not require returning the hardware. 

Visit How to Refund Stadia Games to learn more.

Google also intends to email users with additional instructions, specifically mentioning that users who paid with gift cards and other systems they no longer have access to can set up a new form of payment. 

Any pre-orders that were in progress have been canceled, with payment refunded if applicable. Stadio Pro subscriptions are not being refunded, but users who had active subscriptions through September 29 will not be charged for Stadio Pro access for the remainder of Stadia’s operating period, according to the Google Stadia Announcement FAQ

Will I Lose My Progress on Google Stadia?

Most likely, yes. Games supporting cross-progression may be able to retain their progress on another platform. Google has not elaborated further at this time.

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