Gotham Knights Cinematic Launch Trailer Reveals Epic Combat

The new Gotham Knights Cinematic Launch Trailer shows the next generation of crime-fighting superheroes

Excitement is building for the upcoming Gotham Knights, releasing October 21, 2022. This title promises the same brawling and sleuthing that brought Batman into the modern gaming world. Only this time, the Caped Crusader’s allies take center stage. Read on for the Gotham Knights Cinematic Launch trailer and details.

Gotham Knights Cinematic Launch Trailer

Gotham Knights, developed by WB Games Montreal, is an Action-RPG set in a post-Batman Gotham. Players take control of Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin to keep the city safe from its extensive Rogues’ Gallery, including the enigmatic Court of Owls. With varied playstyles between characters, gamers can fight back how they want.

Watch the trailer here:

The downside of Batman being such an iconic (obscured) face: his allies don’t get as much room to breathe. This is even addressed in-universe, with the trailer checking off everything they’ve ever been called: sidekicks, imitators, unreliable, and replaceable. It’s good to see someone, even a fictional character, call this out. 

The trailer finishes with the speaker revealed to be Alfred, ultimately giving the assembled heroes a message of hope:

“Master Bruce saw more.”

Batman didn’t take on these prodigies in hope of getting someone to clean the Batcave. He’s always been building towards the moment when he wouldn’t be around to keep the city safe. Now, it’s time for these heroes to step out of his shadow and prove they’re all he was and more. 

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