Gotham Knights: Heroic Assault Release Date and Details

If you're looking to fight crime with 3 of your friends, you'll need to wait for Gotham Knights Heroic Assault's release date.

With the release of Gotham Knights on the horizon for October 21, 2022, some players want to know if they can use the entire game roster in a team. There are 4 characters that players can choose from–Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood. However, in normal gameplay, players cannot team up in a 4-player team and are limited to 2-player online coop. This is where the Gotham Knights Heroic Assault mode comes in. But what is Heroic Assault, and what can players look forward to with this special gameplay mode?

When does Gotham Knights Heroic Assault Mode Release?

Gotham Knights Heroic Assault Mode releases on November 29, 2022. This comes a little more than a month after the official release, so if you plan on playing with more than one friend, you’ll have to wait a little longer. 

How Does Gotham Knights Heroic Assault Change Gameplay?

Heroic Assault is a new gameplay mode in Gotham Knights that allows players to team up and take on up to 30 waves of enemies. This mode is perfect for those who want to test their teamwork skills, as they can participate in groups of 4 players to see how well they can work together to take down enemies. 

Each character in the game has their own special abilities and playstyle, so players must use these abilities and skills to take down enemies and complete objectives. The mode will also feature various enemy types, each with unique abilities and skills. 

With an increasing difficulty ramp and constant action, Heroic Assault can be a great way for players to brush up on their fighting skills and feel like a true team of crime-fighting heroes.

Players can pre-order Gotham Knights for PS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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