Gotham Knights, Release Date, Gameplay, and Details

Batman is gone now, but something stirs where he once stood. Here's what we know about the Gotham Knights release date and details.

The Batman part of the DC Universe can be a little draining. Batman is a classic, of course, but he makes it hard to give the other Gotham heroes due credit. What if something happened to change that? What if… we kill the Batman? WB Games Montreal will soon allow players to experience Gotham City in a new way with their title Gotham Knights. Here’s what we know about the Gotham Knights release date and gameplay. 

What is the Gotham Knights Release Date?

According to the official FAQ on the Gotham Knights website, Gotham Knights will be out October 21 for PS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Gotham Knights Trailer

Gotham Knights is an Action-RPG about roaming Gotham City and stopping crime in the usual Bat-family way. In a world where Batman perishes, his assorted heirs and proteges must step up to show the denizens of Gotham that there’s still reason to fear the night. 

Watch the Gotham Knights trailer here:

How Does Gotham Knights Play?

The combat is a mix of the free-flowing combo system from the Arkham series and accessing more specialized playstyles based on the character chosen. 

The sleuthing gameplay has carried over, too, with Gotham’s new heroes scanning environments for clues as they investigate sites in the city. While the game features some of the usual Rogue’s Gallery, the storyline is centered on the Court of Owls, a secret society with unknown aims. 

We’re especially looking forward to the multiplayer co-op, said feature understandably not being an option in the games focused on Batman himself.

Gotham’s a mess, but your wishlist doesn’t have to be. Check out our News Section for more stories on upcoming titles.