Harvestella Crops List: Prices, Harvest Times, and Seasons

Not sure which crops to grow? Here is the complete Harvestella crops list you can keep up on your phone while you play.

One of the core concepts of Harvestella is running an efficient farm and saving up your Grilla so that you can buy upgrades, weapons, and new equipment for your home. We’ve got your back if you’re struggling with figuring out what crops to plant. Here is the Harvestella Crops list. 

This is a developing article. As more Seeds are discovered, we’ll keep this list updated. 

Harvestella Crops List

Here are the different crops in Harvestella, including their seed cost, harvest time, and the season they grow in. 

Crop NameSeed CostHarvest TimeSeason
Grass302 daysSpring, Summer, Fall
Dress Lettuce552 daysSpring, Summer, Fall
Stellar Wheat402 daysSpring, Summer, Fall
Unionion1303 daysSpring, Fall
Carrop1051 daySpring, Summer
Cucumble3704 daysSpring
Morrocorn 200-2304 days
Rainbow Bean6 days
Honey Flower 6 days
Curry Herb6 days
Nemean Tomato1705 days
Tingle Radish3904 days
Strawberry2204 days
Nectarcane 4 days
Shatollan Paprika2505 days
Seatide Garlic6 days
Grouply Grape Sapling2,0006 daysBears fruit in Fall, grows any season
Princess Chestnut Sapling2,2007 daysBears fruit in Fall, grows any season
Numblemon Sapling2,200

The amount you harvest and your profits will depend on Harvest Efficiency–which is determined by several factors, including plot type. Harvest Efficiency will determine how many crops each plot yields and will ultimately affect how profitable your seed purchases are, considering that you only need a single bag of seeds for each plot. 

At the end of the day, you should plant the crops that you want to plant, and the crops that you find yield the most profits for yourself. 

You can leave our Harvestella Crops List up on your phone while you play the game, so that way, you know how much everything costs and what season you can grow it! 

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