Hell is Us Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know

Use the past to fight the present in Hell is Us

Sometimes gamers want a mysterious new world to wander around in. The Soulslike games are the most well-known examples, but not the only ones. Gaming is a window to new worlds; half the fun can be learning them through experience. Rogue Factor and Nacon are bringing a new world with their upcoming game Hell is Us, releasing in 2023. Here’s what we know so far about the Hell is Us release date, trailer, and details 

What is the Hell is Us Release Date?

Hell is Us is scheduled to release in October of 2023. The game will release on PC via Steam, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X|S. While the developers, Rogue Factor, have yet to state an exact release day, we’ll keep you updated on any announcements in the future. 

Hell is Us Trailer & Details

Hell is Us is a third-person Action-Adventure game. Set in a country suffering from civil war and a calamity of an unknown cause, the player is tasked with vanquishing powerful monsters armed with weapons from another age. 

Melee combat and player-driven exploration are the main gameplay mechanics. The devs boast of no guidance in the form of maps or quest markers. The wonders of organic discovery played a big part in Elden Ring’s success; hopefully, the same holds true here. 

Watch the Hell is Us trailer here:

Brutal Combat in a Violent World

The Creative Director explicitly described “the cycle of violence” as the central theme, suggesting a tone as dark as the teased environments. Rogue Factor has plenty of experience portraying grim and gritty realms with their Warhammer adaptations. Nacon may be bringing their knowledge of third-person action adventures, having released Steelrising this September.

If it’s as punishing as Mordheim, we expect controllers to fly before the end credits.

Hell is Us, but not us. We want you to read our News Section for more updates.