Horizon: Forbidden West Downgraded to N64 Graphics with Strange Glitch

A user on Reddit uncovered a strange glitch that completely downgrades the models for certain NPC characters in Horizon: Forbidden West, resulting in hilarious and unexpected results.

Horizon: Forbidden West is an amazing game, but it’s not without its strange glitches. User u/CruxPuff388 on Reddit recently uncovered a glitch that completely downgrades the amazing, high-fidelity graphics in the game to very basic polygon models. 

The user said that this glitch typically only affects NPC characters, primarily in scene changes when their graphics are set to medium. This all makes sense, as it might be related to memory issues. 

According to commentator u/MichaelChinigo, this may have resulted from a game code error involving level-of-detail or LOD–where essentially the game creators create low-resolution mesh for objects in the distance. Memory or VRAM issues can cause these low-definition models to load instead of the high-definition ones, creating this effect. 

Users were quick to joke about the screenshot. 

Reddit Comment Horizon Glitch
Reddit Comment Horizon Glitch

While the glitch is by no means a game-breaking glitch, it can destroy immersion in what is otherwise a very immersive game. 

The glitch won’t affect all players, and there’s a good chance you’ll never experience it. However, players with older video cards or older hardware may fall victim to it. 

Though Horizon Forbidden West won no awards at The Game Awards 2022, it’s still considered a very solid title and follow-up to the original game in the franchise, Horizon: Zero Dawn. The next DLC for Forbidden West was announced at The Game Awards 2022 and will be called Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores.

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