How to Get the Unicorn Mount in Tower of Fantasy

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get the Unicorn Mount called Omnicross in Tower of Fantasy.

As of launch, there are eight different mounts in Tower of Fantasy, and one of the most sought-after mounts is a Unicorn. It’s not a walk in the park to unlock it, especially because one of the pieces requires a bit of luck, but it’s easily doable if you follow our guide. Below is our step-by-step walkthrough for how to get the Unicorn Mount, also known as Monocross, in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Unicorn Mount in Tower of Fantasy

To get the Unicorn Mount called Monocross in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll need to obtain the following parts:

  1. Unicorn Power Core
  2. Unicorn Bionic Frame
  3. Unicorn Cyberlimbs
  4. Unicorn Head

How to get the Unicorn Power Core

To get the Unicorn Power Core, you’ll need to find Marvelous Ore in the Crown Mines. After you find the ore, pick up the Strange Residue along the side of the forcefield.

Bring the Strange Residue to an NPC name Stoker, along with a Fiddlehead Pie. Stoker will refine the Reside into an Ore Extract. Stoker is located near Goldrush Mountain in the Crown Mines. See below for his precise location.

Return to the Marvelous Ore site, and activate the three Energy Conversion Devices. Each device has an option to switch gears. If you’re looking at the Marvelous Ore site, the sequence for the switches on the devices should be 2, 1, and 3.

Pick up the Ore Chunk to obtain the Unicorn Power Core, along with a Gold Nucleus and some Dark Crystals.

How to get the Unicorn Bionic Frame

To get the Unicorn Cyberlimbs, you’ll need to infiltrate the facility off the northern coast of the Warren Snowfield. Climb to the top of the facility and use the password 7092 to enter. Avoid alerting the guards as best you can, and make your way downstairs.

The Unicorn Cyberlimbs is inside a Supply Pod in a small hallway in the facility’s lower level.

How to get the Unicorn Cyberlimbs

To get the Unicorn Bionic Frame, visit the tower in the center of the Warren Snowfield region. The Unicorn Bionic Frame is inside a Supply Pod.

Refer to the image below for the exact tower location.

How to get the Unicorn Head

The Unicorn Head is the toughest of the four pieces of the Monocross to obtain. To get the Unicorn Head, you’ll need to kill the Devotee monster. Devotee has a 0.3% chance to drop the Unicorn Head.

There are two good locations where you can find Devotee. When you kill Devotee, it takes about five minutes to respawn. With a 0.3% drop rate, this is pure luck, and there’s no possible way to give a time estimate as to how long it will take you.

You’ll typically find people advertising for AFK Unicorn Head farming groups.

After obtaining all four pieces, the Unicorn Mount is all yours in Tower of Fantasy. Congratulations!

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