Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Release Date, Trailer, and Details

Here's everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 release date.

With over 10 million downloads, Tower of Fantasy is a popular game that allows players to explore the world of Aida. In October, fans of Tower of Fantasy are getting a large expansion with Vera, adding new content to the hit MMORPG for the long-awaited 2.0 update. This means that the already expansive world is growing even larger. Here’s what you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 release date.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Release Date

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 releases on October 20, 2022. The release date coincides with the release of Tower of Fantasy on Steam.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Trailer

The latest expansion is primarily cyberpunk-themed, featuring a large desert hub called Desert Gobby and the focal point; Mirroria, a cyberpunk-inspired city hub. Players will notice that there is much to see and do in Mirroria, with many technological marvels, including flying cars, speeder bikes, and lots of neon lights. 

In Version 2.0: Vera, gamers will find these new locations, monsters, mounts, and weapons that all fit the cyberpunk theme. 

Watch the trailer for Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 here:

What’s New in the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Update?

With all the new content being added in Tower of Fantasy’s Vera expansion, players will have the ability to partake in new instances, raids, and fight new bosses. These experiences can be joined with a group, or players can also participate in solo adventures. In addition, there will also be events that allow players to earn special Tower of Fantasy rewards

Fans of the MMORPG can check out the latest trailer and see for themselves all the wonders that await in the exciting new areas of the Vera update when it drops on October 20, 2022. Time will tell if wanderers will have an opportunity to pull Ruby or Lin on the featured banner.

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