When is the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Release Date?

Here's what we know so far about the ToF 2.0 release date.

In early September, Wanderers got a sneak peek at the new map of Vera in Tower of Fantasy. Vera includes a floating dystopian cyberpunk city of Mirroria, which features new modes of transport and unique landmarks. So, when does Tower of Fantasy 2.0 come out? Here’s what we know so far about the ToF 2.0 release date.

When is the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Release Date?

According to the official Tower of Fantasy update trailer, Tower of Fantasy 2.0 is releasing in late Fall. That gives Hotta Games until December 21 to push out the update. 

If we had to make an educated guess as to a more precise time, we’d estimate the end of October or early November is a fair estimate for the release of Tower of Fantasy 2.0. Of course, this is speculation, so don’t quote us on this.

The trailer, viewable below, shows off a new desert area and the mirror city suspended in mid-air on the horizon. Mirroria (the cyberpunk city) is a city hub that will likely be home to many events and unique in-game activities. It’s a good opportunity for Hotta Games to introduce some more social elements to the game.

Fans are also eager to see future simulacra make their way into the game, including Lyn, Saki Fuwa, Cobalt-B, Baiyuekui, Marc, and more.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Trailer

At the time of writing, Tower of Fantasy has already introduced Artificial Island along with the Aida Cafe event, the Claudia banner, and raids. That gives players a lot to do in the next month while Hotta Games works on preparing the next version.

We’ll update this story if we get any updates regarding the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 release date from Hotta Games. You can follow Tower of Fantasy on Twitter for more updates.

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