How to Heal in Re:Verse

Green herbs, please! Here's how to heal yourself in Re:Verse.

Re:Verse is holding an early access event before its October 28 release date, available for anyone that has Resident Evil: Village. If the beta is any indicator, it’s a fun take on multiplayer combat. We’ve played a little before the launch and wanted to offer this quick guide on how to heal in Re:Verse.

How to Heal in Re:Verse

To heal as a human in Re:Verse, find and interact with the green herbs found around the map. Certain characters, like Leon, have special healing skills.

Finding Green Herbs

The main method is grabbing Green Herbs that spawn in the map. The ones near the center of the map are hotly-contested but can keep a Player in the action. See below for an image of a Green Herb in Re:Verse.

Finding Green Herbs in Re:Verse
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Re:Verse

Re:Verse Character Healing Skills

Some Humans also get innate healing through Skills. Leon Kennedy’s Passive Skill slowly heals him when he’s reached Critical health. Claire has an Adrenaline Shot Active Ability that only restores a small portion but also replenishes her stamina for evading attacks. 

Chris Redfield and Ada Wong both get bonuses at low health from their Passive Skills. Ada gets a small stamina boost and can briefly dodge even without it when first put into Critical health. Chris gets increased damage to creatures and also has an Active Skill that gives invulnerability that prevents him from dying, even at critical health. Play around with these bonuses to make the most of the characters.

Here are the Re:Verse character healing skills:

CharacterSkillSkill TypeSkill Description
Leon S. KennedyRookie SpiritPassiveSlowly recover all HP when it reaches critical levels.
Claire RedfieldSpeedloaderPassiveDodging with the Quickdraw Army equipped instantly reloads it.
Ada WongA Spy’s WisdomPassiveAutomatically recover a small amount of stamina and briefly gain the ability to dodge regardless of any other conditions when HP reaches critical levels.
Chris RedfieldIndomitable SpiritActive Skill 1For a limited time, even taking a lethal amount of damage will not kill you.

How to Heal as a Creature in Re:Verse

Creatures sadly do not get a way to heal in Re:Verse. This, combined with their slowly depleting health, means Players should be aggressive in this form. Players in Creature mode will die regardless of how safe they play, so they may as well deal as much damage as possible.

We hope our readers found this guide useful and will be better prepared for Re:Verse!

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