In Firewall Ultra, You Can Close Your Eyes to Avoid a Flash 

The new VR title takes the medium to a whole new level.

You may remember the original announcement of Firewall Ultra, the follow-up to the popular virtual reality title Firewall Zero Hour, back in 2022 and wondered if the game would ever come out. Well, the wait is over, as the game’s developers, First Contact Entertainment, have just announced the release of the game along with a shiny new trailer showcasing some of the VR innovations set to make their way to the new title. 

According to the PlayStation blogFirewall Ultra will officially release on August 24, 2023, for the PSVR2. Pre-orders for the title are now open on the PlayStation store

The developers also released a new trailer showcasing some of the combat players will experience in Firewall Ultra when it releases later this summer. 

Firewall Ultra hopes to take advantage of all the enhancements that come with the PSVR2, including eye-tracking, which enables players to avoid being blinded by flashbangs and haptic feedback for recoil and weapon feedback. The game will also introduce new contractors, maps, and game modes.

In addition, unlike its predecessor, the new title will feature a new PvE game mode, where you and three other operators can take out NPC units across the game’s selection of maps. 

The game looks to be a pretty exciting new development in the world of VR — as the tactical shooter was developed to leverage all the tech in the new PlayStation device. Only time will tell whether these new enhancements will really resonate with VR FPS players. 

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