Is Cycle Frontier on Console? 

Cycle Frontier is an all-new PvE, PvP first-person shooter. Many are asking, Is Cycle Frontier on Console? We have the answer.

Cycle Frontier is a first-person battle royale-esque game that mashes elements of PvP and PvE together. Released by YAGER, Cycle Frontier launched free-to-play on June 8th, 2022, on Steam and the Epic Game StoreThis begs the question, though, is Cycle Frontier on console? 

Is Cycle Frontier on Console? 

What is Cycle Frontier?

Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter that drops you down on an Alien planet. If you’ve played other similar battle royale games, things will feel similar here. 

The big difference in Cycle Frontier is the PvE elements. When you drop, you’re assigned missions by different factions. These include getting loot, killing monsters, and performing other tasks on the map. However, as you quest, you’ll run into other players–which makes the stakes high. 

Similar to other battle-royale games, when you die in Cycle Frontier, you also drop your gear. Other players can pick it up, launch it back to the hub, and make a profit from it. You lose that gear forever unless you use the insurance function to get a part of your money back. 

Is Cycle Frontier on XBOX or Playstation? 

No, Cycle Frontier is only available for the PC. However, the lead developers have stated: 

“We definitely want to bring the game to consoles in the future.”

Via Epic Games Store.

For now, excited console players who want to get their hands on the Escape from Tarkov-like game will have to wait till the developers make another announcement on the game. If Cycle Frontier is like other free-to-play games in the space, this will largely depend on its success on PCs. 

Luckily, the base game is free on PC, so if you have one that meets the system requirements, download it and try it for yourself! 

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