Is Tower of Fantasy on Console?

If you're looking to jump into ToF on your PS4 or other console, we've got some news for you. Read on to learn if Tower of Fantasy is on Console.

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is an anime-based action RPG and gacha game where you create a custom character and battle through the game world. In ToF, you spend in-game currency on powerful items and weapons to improve your character. If you’ve seen your favorite Twitch streamer or YouTuber play ToF and wanted to know if Tower of Fantasy is on consoles, we have your answer. 

Is Tower of Fantasy on Console?

Tower of Fantasy is available on PCAndroid, and iOS devices. 

You can play ToF on your phone, tablet, or PC. At Gamer Digest, we recommend playing on PC. Having your keyboard and mouse or controller makes controlling and targeting much easier. Also, if you plan on playing on a mobile device, make sure you have a large screen because some text in the in-game menus is very small. 

Is ToF Coming to Consoles?

Unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy is not currently available on consoles at the time of writing. China has not been known to look favorably on the console gaming market, so chances are slim it will ever make it to the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. We’ll keep you updated in our News Section if we hear any updates or news on that front. 

However, for those looking to get the console experience on their tablet or PC, full controller integration is set up for the game. All you need to do is plug in your USB or Bluetooth controller and play the game on a large screen. The game’s specs aren’t too demanding overall, so most modern pieces of hardware should be able to run it. 

As a gacha game, ToF is designed around a mobile-first experience. Keep this in mind as you play through the game, regardless of the device you choose to play it on. 

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