Isonzo Release Date – A Historical Take on WWI

A WWI military sim that recreates the horrors of war. Read on for the Isonzo release date and details.

If you’re a real historical buff who also enjoys playing games, the military simulations created by Blackmill Games and M2H might just be your cup of tea. Creators of Tannenberg, a highly acclaimed, historically-accurate FPS, are releasing a new game that may be even more historically accurate than its predecessors. Read on for the Isonzo release date and details on the game. 

What is Isonzo?

Isonzo is a historical PvP, first-person shooter set along the mountainous hills of Italy during World War I. Developed by Blackmill Games and M2H, indie developers from the Netherlands, Isonzo is a look at the actual Battles of the Isonzo during WWI between the Austro-Hungarian and Italian armies. 

Isonzo Release
Image via Blackmill Games and M2H

Set in the steep foothills of Italy in 1915, the Battles of the Isonzo was a true display of dominant military tactics and a sad lesson on superior positioning. 

If anything like their previous titles, Tannenberg and Verdun, Isonzo will be an intimate deep dive into the challenges and struggles facing the military forces fighting in the war. 

Watch the trailer for Isonzo here:

What is the Isonzo Release Date?

Isonzo releases on September 13, 2022.

What Platforms is Isonzo on?

Isonzo will release on SteamEpic GamesPlayStation, and Xbox.

What’s Different about Isonzo? 

If other military games, like Call of Duty and Battlefield, haven’t scratched your historical itch, then Isonzo might be right down your alley. In addition to proper, historically-accurate equipment, uniforms, and guns, the game employs additional mechanics, like snipping barbed wire to make your experience more immersive. 

In Isonzo, you’ll be fighting at a severe disadvantage, battling your way up steep foothills or defending strategic positions as waves of enemies trying to establish a strategic foothold. 

Isonzo Release
Image via Blackmill Games and M2H

If iterative to previous entries by the indie developers, there will be a massive 40-player PvP capture-the-flag type mode. 

If you’re looking for arcade-like FPS shooting mechanics, you should look elsewhere. But, if you enjoy historically-accurate military simulations, consider picking up Isonzo on September 13. 

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