Judas is A New Game by the Creators of Bioshock

A fever-dream from the mind of Kevin Levine.

Judas, developed by Ghost Story, is an upcoming first-person narrative game by Kevin Levine, the Creative Director of popular games like BioShockBioShock Infinite, and System Shock 2. Announced at The Game Awards 2022, Judas looks to be in the ilk of games that Levine has developed in the past, with a distinct and colorful aesthetic contrasted with a seething darkness bubbling under the surface. 

In Judas, players are thrust into a disintegrating spaceship and must escape. Androids occupy your ship; the only way to make it out alive is to cooperate or work against them. Judas is described as a narrative FPS where alliance-building and dialogue are at center stage.

That being said, like Bioshock, combat also seems to be a prevalent element in the game, so it won’t all be chit-chatting. The characters on display look distinct, and each android has a specific personality and look. 

But don’t take our word for it; watch the Judas official reveal trailer here: 

What is Ghost Story Studios?

Ghost Story is a game development company based out of the greater-Boston area in the United States. Ken Levine, the President and Creative Director of the company, formally led Irrational Games, a since-shuttered studio acquired by Take-Two Interactive in 2014, according to Ghost Story’s website’s FAQ

Judas will be Ghost Story’s first official game, and if it’s anything like the award-winning Bioshock Infinite, it will surely be a success amongst gamers worldwide. 

While an official release date has yet to be announced, the game is slated for sometime in 2023. You can wishlist Judas on the Steam Store

To stay up-to-date with the game as it develops, check out the official page for Judas on the Ghost Story website

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