Kaizen Curse Tier List (May 2023)

Here are the best curses in Kaizen, ranked from top to bottom, so you know what's worth the investment.

Kaizen, the popular Roblox RPG game from Grifon Games, is a fun PvP and PvE game. Players use curses to unlock special abilities, and there are many to choose from, so you might wonder what’s best. We ranked the best curses in the game in our Kaizen curse tier list, so you’ll know which ones are worth the investment. 

Keep in mind tier lists are somewhat subjective, and the “best curse” may depend on what playstyle you prefer. Take the tier list below with a grain of salt, but know that these are generally what the community considers the best ones in the game. 

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Kaizen Curse Tier List

  • S-Tier: Cursed Flames, Straw Doll, Disaster Plant
  • A-Tier: Shock Amplification, Cursed Speech, Cryo Frost
  • B-Tier: Ten Shadow, Idle Transfiguration, Construction
  • C-Tier: Devil’s Broom

Cursed Flames

Cursed Flame is arguably the best curse in the game. It has incredibly high damage and area of effect. It’s a relatively cheap curse at 250,000 compared to others on the list. It’s great for killing bosses and very effective in PvP. Cursed Flame is one you should pick up as soon as possible.

Straw Doll

Straw Doll is the highest damage curse on the list. However, it’s also very pricy. It deals a ton of damage, and is great for boss fights and PvP combat. Straw Doll is definitely worth picking up for any type of player.

Disaster Plant

Disaster Plant does nice damage and extremely high area damage, which is why it gets into S-Tier. It’s one of the lower-costing curses, making it a great option for beginners. We recommend picking this one up for grinding, especially.

Shock Amplification

Shock Amplification is another great curse, but it is also very expensive, so we moved it down to A-Tier. The damage is high, and the curse has a high area of effect damage, making it good for grinding and PvE.

Cursed Speech

Cursed Speech does high damage, but it has a very limited range. It’s good for bosses, but for PvP and general PvE, it’s not great. So, if you prefer a long-range playstyle, there are better curses out there. However, Cursed Speech is worth a shot if you have the money to spare.

Ten Shadow

Ten Shadow does mediocre damage, but it’s incredibly expensive. It’s a close-range curse like Cursed Speech and Idle Transfiguration. Right now, it’s probably not worth it due to its price, but the curse may receive a buff in the near future.

Cryo Frost

Cryo Frost is a very low-cost curse, which makes it a solid option for any player. It has a medium range that’s decent in PvP, PvE, and boss fights. Cryo Frost is a great all-around curse for any player and is definitely worth the investment.

Idle Transfiguration

Idle Transfiguration is similar to Construction. It has high damage, but it’s one of the more close-range curses. The curse is very good for PvE, but the limited range makes it not so great for PvP. Overall, we’d say it’s a decent curse due to its low cost.


Construction does not do much damage, but it is extremely cheap, which makes it a good beginner curse. It’s a mid-range curse, but you must aim well to make the most of it. So, if you’re relying entirely on auto-aim, Construction may be useless.

Devil’s Broom

Devil’s Broom is the cheapest curse on the list, and it’s also the worst. It does low damage; perhaps the only good thing about it is that you can use it to travel around. We would not recommend this curse to anyone, as there are way better options to select.

As new curses release to the game or curses get tweaked, we’ll update the Kaizen curse tier list above to reflect the changes! Stay tuned for more, and visit our Kaizen section for more Roblox content.