Knotwords May 7 2022 Answer (5/7/2022)

Here are all of the Knotwords answers for today's puzzle on May 7, 2022, in case you need some help figuring it out.

Knotwords is a word game developed by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger. The game has a few different puzzles to try out, including a monthly playbook, a daily classic, and a daily twist. The anagrams can get tricky, so that’s why we have the Knotwords Saturday, May 7 answer to the daily puzzle for you.

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Knotwords May 7 2022 Answer

The Knotwords answer for the May 7, 2022, daily puzzle is:


  • BUMP
  • FUR
  • PA
  • IDLE
  • HA
  • SEWN


  • PANE
  • PAD
  • RHO
  • ORE
  • HAYS
Knotwords Answers - Saturday, May 7, 2022 Daily Puzzle
Knotwords Answers – Saturday, May 7, 2022 Daily Puzzle

Definitions & Hints

  • COXCOMB – The cap of a court jester, adorned with a red stripe.
  • REACTOR – A person who behaves in response to a suggestion, stimulation or some other influence.
  • MESAS – Flat area of land or plateau higher than other land, with one or more clifflike edges.
  • BUMP – A light blow or jolting collision.
  • ABACK – By surprise; startled; dumbfounded.
  • FUR – Hairy coat of various animal species, especially: when fine, soft, and thick.
  • PA – A short-term for grandpa, grandfather.
  • IDLE – Not turned to appropriate use; not occupied.
  • HA – Hectare.
  • ADVERSE – Unfavorable; antagonistic in purpose or effect; hostile; actively opposing one’s interests or wishes; contrary to one’s welfare; acting against; working in an opposing direction.
  • HONESTY – The act, quality, or condition of being honest; to be truthful.
  • ICONS – An image, symbol, picture, or other representation usually as an object of religious devotion.
  • SEWN – To use a needle to pass thread repeatedly through (pieces of fabric) in order to join them together.
  • CRIME – A specific act committed in violation of the law.
  • PANE – An individual sheet of glass in a window.
  • PAD – A flattened mass of anything soft, to sit or lie on.
  • SCRUFF – Someone with an untidy appearance.
  • RHO – The name for the seventeenth letter of the Modern Greek and Classical alphabets and the eighteenth letter of Old and Ancient.
  • COMPARISONS – The act of comparing or the state or process of being compared.
  • ORE – Rock that contains utilitarian materials; primarily a rock containing metals of gems.
  • DENSE – Having relatively high density.
  • ARCHERS – One who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow.
  • HAYS – Grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder.
  • BIRETTA – A square cap, originally with four ridges across the top, surmounted by a tuft, worn by Roman Catholic clergy.

Knotwords FAQ

Where can I play Knotwords?

Knotwords is available to download and play on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. The base game is free-to-play, but users can subscribe for $4.99/year or $11.99 for lifetime access to more puzzles, more hints, statistics, and customization.

How do I play Knotwords?

The objective of Knotwords is to solve the anagrams presented to you. Each puzzle typically consists of intersecting anagrams that you can solve to make words in a crossword-like grid. Players can access hints along the way and even track their progress with a paid subscription. Invalid guesses are automatically highlighted in pink.

When does the Knotwords daily puzzle reset?

Knotwords’ daily puzzle resets every day at midnight local time. Players can access all the previous daily puzzles for the week and access the archive with a paid subscription.

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