Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Takes Flight this August

Aviation fans should prepare for the next generation of flight simulation games.

Microsoft announced the next generation of its popular flight simulation game, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, during the Xbox Games Showcase. 

The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 trailer was a brief teaser, providing a glimpse into the stunning graphics and immersive gameplay that players can expect from the upcoming game. The trailer showcased the game’s impressive landscapes, realistic weather effects, and detailed aircraft models.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Release Date

Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will be released on August 18, 2023. The game will be a standalone simulator, offering a new and improved flight simulation experience. 

Current aircraft and airports that are in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), as well as virtually all Marketplace add-ons, will be supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Trailer

The trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 was a short teaser to introduce the next generation of the franchise. The trailer showcased stunning graphics and realistic flight mechanics, promising an immersive flight simulation experience. 

However, Microsoft has stated that they will be sharing much more information about the game in the coming months.

While specific gameplay details for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 are yet to be revealed, Microsoft has assured fans that the game will offer a next-generation flight simulation experience.

In addition to this, Microsoft has committed to continuing support for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) even after the launch of the 2024 version. This includes delivering on the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Roadmap, which has content ranging from Aircraft and Avionics Updates, Sim Updates, City and World Updates, and the free Dune DLC.

Visit the Flight Simulator website for more information on the game.

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