Moonbreaker Release Date, Trailer, and Details

Digital meets tabletop in this ambitious new title

Tabletop games allow for a level of customization few digital entries can boast, but Unknown Worlds Entertainment, of Subnautica and Natural Selection fame, hopes to bring us the best of both worlds with the Early Access release of Moonbreaker. Here is what we know, including the release date, trailer, and details for Moonbreaker. 

What is Moonbreaker?

Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategy set in a sci-fi universe centered on The Reach, a solar system made of many moons. It revolves around building a team consisting of a Captain, Crew, and Ship Assists to test against the threats of The Reach and teams of other players. 

Brandon Sanderson, known for the novella The Emperor’s Soul and the YA series Skyward, helped flesh out the universe in Moonbreaker. Just as in your typical tabletop game, the battles take place in a stylized playspace, with all units represented by miniatures. 

Moonbreaker Release Date
Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Unknown Worlds’ release announcement was especially proud to mention an in-game painting tool that allows players to put their own spin on the miniatures.

Learn more about the unique digital tabletop game, Moonbreaker, in this sneak peek:

What is the Moonbreaker Release Date? 

Moonbreaker is scheduled to release on September 29, 2022. 

What Platforms is Moonbreaker On?

Moonbreaker is scheduled to release in Steam Early Access for both Windows and MacOS.

If you’re into tabletop games but always dread the experience of seeing people in-person, Moonbreaker might be the perfect combination for you. 

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