My Hero Ultra Rumble Trailer and Beta

Excited for the new battle-royale game set in the My Hero Academia universe? Here's the My Hero Ultra Rumble trailer and beta signup.

If you’re a big My Hero Academia fan, you’ll be happy to hear that the battle royale My Hero game is coming to the United States. Yeah, you heard us right. There’s a battle-royale game based in the My Hero Academia universe. Even better, if you have a PS4, you can sign up for the early-access beta. Here’s what you need to know about My Hero Ultra Rumble, including the trailer and beta access. 

This isn’t any breaking news for fans over in Japan, as the My Hero Ultra Rumble beta has been out for some time already. However, eager fans should be happy to hear that it’s also receiving a release stateside, and you can get a chance to jump into the action with your favorite character from the series. 

What is My Hero Ultra Rumble? 

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a PvP battle royale. You get to play as the titular characters in My Hero Academia, and each character has a different skill set and move list. There are 24 players total, split into teams of 3. The goal is similar to most battle royales: defeat your enemies on the map by looting better equipment and be the last ones standing. 

In terms of gameplay–each character has 3 moves to choose from–a mixture of ranged and melee attacks. As you loot the map, you’ll find cards that you can use to upgrade your moves to make them more powerful. 

What is the My Hero Ultra Rumble Release Date?

No official release date has been announced for the game yet, but stay tuned to our News Section, and we’ll update you as soon as Bandai Namco releases the info. 

Which Consoles is My Hero Ultra Rumble Coming Out On? 

My Hero Ultra Rumble will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Steam. 

Sign Up For the My Hero Ultra Rumble Beta

To sign up for the beta, sign up on the official Bandai Namco Website. You’ll need a valid PSN attached to the email that you use to gain access. Not everyone will get access to the beta, so make sure to sign up ASAP! 

Watch the trailer for the game below: 

We’ll update you on any new developments on the game in our News Section