Netflix Plans to Have Nearly 100 Games by End of 2023

Will Netflix's push into gaming impact the industry?

The streaming giant, Netflix, has already launched 55 games but plans on adding 40 more, according to a recent report. 

Netflix’s ongoing strategy to be more of a presence in the global mobile-gaming space continues with a recent report from Axios. According to the report, the streaming service with over 200 million monthly subscribers is looking for new areas of growth after lagging signups made headlines earlier this year. 

According to the report,

Our north star is to become a world-class publisher who delivers must-play games to our millions of members around the world,

Netflix’s VP of external games, Leanne Loombe

In total, the company has an eye-watering 70 titles in the works from external publishers and 16 games from internal game studios currently in development. 

Current Netflix titles include games like Immortality, Into the Breach, Stranger Things, and a spin-off of the popular reality show, Too Hot to Handle

Immortality Key Art

Upcoming titles include a Ubisoft game called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace and another Netflix series tie-in game based on the show Super Evil Megacorp

The Netflix app is available on both the Google Play and iOS App Stores

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