New Need for Speed Release is on the Horizon

If you loved the Need for Speed series, you're in for a pleasant surprise

There are plenty of reported leaks and rumors over EA’s upcoming installment of Need for Speed, but thus far the company itself has been quiet, only confirming in an earnings call that it was scheduled for a release before the end of 2022. The fans have been awaiting a new title, with the last release being a remaster in 2020. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Need for Speed game, including a release date window. 

When is the New Need for Speed Game Releasing?

We’re still waiting for an official announcement from EA, believed to be coming soon, but the earnings call narrowed the window to the October-December 2022 span. If their plans have held, and they want sufficient time to spool up their advertising, they can’t keep it under wraps much longer.

It could be any day now that Electronic Arts finally makes an official announcement on when the game will come out, the new Need for Speed’s official name, and what kind of elements and gameplay we can look forward to. 

If the recent 95% off sale of Need for Speed Heat was any indication, it feels like EA is ready to move soon, though nothing has been confirmed thus far.

We’ll keep you updated as more details are released.

What is Need for Speed?

Need for Speed is a racing game focused on taking assorted super-cars through real-world styled environments over the professional courses used by NASCAR and others. In a surprising display of realism, the local police often get involved, resulting in hectic chases as they deploy additional resources to stop your vehicle. 

The series has a mildly tumultuous history, experimenting with systems such as an open world and changing developers as EA worked to find a good fit for their IP. Here’s hoping they hit their stride soon and bring us more classics like 2005’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

You’ve lost the police for now. Pull over and read our News Section while you wait for everything to blow over.