New World Season 1 End Date

With the recent launch of New World Season 1, some players are wondering when it ends so they can plan their in-game activities accordingly.

New World recently announced seasons for the game, a live-service concept that more and more games are beginning to incorporate into their titles. Season 1: Fellowship & Fire is New World’s first season, debuting with the first Season Pass, complete with two tracks of Season Pass Rewards, a new story and expeditions, and other in-game content. New World Season 1 began on April 4, but when does it end? Here’s what you need to know in case you want to plan ahead.

New World Season 1 End Date

New World Season 1, Fellowship & Fire, ends on July 6, 2023. Spanning from April 4 to July 6, 2023, the first season of New World lasts roughly three months, aligning perfectly with the three-month season duration previously disclosed by Amazon Games.

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In case you missed it, seasons in New World will always introduce new features, gameplay experiences, and a Season Pass with two reward tracks. There’s a free and paid premium track, each featuring 100 tiers of unlockable rewards, including new emotes, skins, gear, and other seasonal exclusives. Players can choose to purchase the premium pass at any time and retroactively receive all the previous rewards based on their current progression.

In New World Season 1, players can earn seasonal experience by playing New World normally and completing activities in the seasonal Journey and Activity Card. There is a wide range of activities and challenges, broken down into Chapters and Challenges in the Seasonal Journey tab. The Activity Card is essentially a stamp card where players can highlight a square to stamp to form lines for bonus seasonal experience.

New World players can check out a full list of release notes and features for Season 1 on the official New World blog.