Ninja is the CIO of a Publicly Traded Company

GameSquare Esports Inc. merges with Engine Gaming and Media and debuts on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol GAME. 

Wondering what Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been up to recently? As it turns out, the blue-haired streamer is currently the Chief Innovation Officer for an esports company going public on the Nasdaq today. According to a Fox Business interview, GameSquare Esports Inc. merged with Engine Gaming and Media to create one of the largest esports companies in the industry. 

GameSquare Esports Inc. is an esports and media company that owns organizations like Complexity, Code Red Esports, and The Gaming Community Network (GCN). According to its website, the company specializes in various gaming-related media, including content strategy & production, consumer products, and IRL experiences. 

According to the interview, Ninja was brought on to spur ideas and for thought leadership as his wildly popular streaming career made him a household name with millions of followers across his social media accounts. When asked how the merger will generate revenue and provide profit for investors, the CEO of GameSquare Esports, Justin Kenna, said

“Engine Gaming brings another level to us that helps us achieve a lot of medium to long term goals in the short term. And that is it gets us the revenue scale, but most importantly, it adds to our end to end offering, and that is access to data and analytics.”  

Engine Gaming is a data analytics, influencer marketing, and advertising company whose subsidiaries include Stream Hatchet, Sideqik, and Frankly Media, according to its LinkedIn

When asked how Blevins will help contribute to the company, the answer was a bit more unclear, with Ninja stating that the company would strive to create new experiences that “haven’t really been done before on a gaming scale.” 

He cites the recent Unreal Editor for Fortnite and the potential for the new platform to open additional revenue-generating ideas for the company, including the potential for live events to occur on the platform. 

Only time will tell whether a professional gamer and streamer can successfully transition into the C-suite for a publically traded company. Still, we wish them the best in their endeavors, as more success for gaming companies means more attention to the industry at large. 

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