Paleo Pines Release Date and Details

Modus Games is set to release Paleo Pines, a unique and highly anticipated dino-rancher game, this September.

Step into a world where dinosaurs roam freely, and the spirit of ranching thrives. Recently nominated for Most Anticipated Game in the Indie Cup Awards, Paleo Pines allows players to create powerful bonds with dinosaurs of all sizes and grow their ranch together. 

Paleo Pines Release Date

Paleo Pines is set to release on September 26, 2023, on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game’s demo has been launched in the Steam Next Fest and can be tried by visiting Paleo Pines on Steam and adding the demo to your library. 

Paleo Pines Trailer

The Paleo Pines gameplay overview trailer sheds light on character customization, quests, exploration, foraging, and taming dinos in the game world. With a colorful cartoony aesthetic, this is one farming sim made for kids of all ages. 

Paleo Pines Gameplay

Paleo Pines offers a wonderfully quirky world filled with dinosaurs and welcoming townsfolk. It’s up to you and your companion, a delightful Parasaurolophus named Lucky, to uncover the mysteries of Paleo Pines while creating the most fruitful home you can. Players can befriend all the dinos they can find along the way.

With your trusty dino friends by your side, you’ll meet townspeople and enlist their help fixing up your ranch and growing crops. With in-depth character customization and a broad selection of styles, you can turn your plot of land into the dino ranch of your dreams, and with customization options, you can dress it and yourself in the style you choose.

Taming dinos is the name of the game in Paleo Pines – tasty treats, nose boops, and comfy pens will aid you in your quest to fill your dino haven with various creatures. The world is your oyster in this delightful farming sim coming to PC and consoles on September 26, 2023. Download the demo today to get started building the ranch of your dreams. 

Visit the Paleo Pines website for more information on the game. 

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