Path to Nowhere Tier List (May 2023)

Explore our Path to Nowhere tier list to see the best Sinners that are worth your resources and which ones are not.

Path to Nowhere is the latest gacha game to hit the mobile scene, and you can bet that there are banners to summon. As with all gacha games, you’re probably wondering what the best characters are, and we’ve got the answer. Here’s the Path to Nowhere tier list, ranking the best Sinners in the game, so you know what’s worth your investment.

The tier list is pulled from data based on the Chinese version of the game, where players have had plenty of time to test out the game and determine which Sinners are the best in Path to Nowhere.

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Path to Nowhere Tier List

  • S-Tier: Nox, Langley, Bai Yi, Hamel
  • A-Tier: Zoya, Demon, Crache, Kavaka, Chelsea, Horo, Dolly, Pacassi, Wendy, Che, Serpent, Labyrinth, Summer, Astrologer, Hecate, Luvia Ray, Ignis, Victoria, Kelvin, Ariel, Macchiato
  • B-Tier: Wendy, Kazama, Hella, Anne, Hecane, Foggy, Eirene, Emp, K.K., Deoli, Ninety-Nine, Peggy, Demoli, Roulecca, Flora, Oliver, Chameleon, Joan, Mr. Fox
  • C-Tier: Pricilla, Oliver, Pepper, Cinnabar, Gekkabijin, Tetra, Dr. Iron, Sumire, Wolverine

Nox, Bai Yi, Hamel, and Langley are your go-to S-Tier units. Nox is obtainable via completing the 14-day event mission. You can complete Stage 1-5 and go to the Event to complete the mission. After collecting 65 imprint points, you can unlock Nox. Nox is an incredibly strong character, as she does area-of-effect damage when using her skill.

Path to Nowhere Beginner Tier List

These are the best characters for beginners to build:

  • S-Tier: Nox
  • A-Tier: Hecate, Luvia Ray, Pacassi, Ariel
  • B-Tier: Labyrinth, EMP, Che, Kelvin, Macchiato

To explain the tier list quickly, S-Tier characters are the best in the game, and you should definitely invest resources into them to build up their power. A-Tier characters are also good to invest in, while B-Tier units are “decent” units that could be good in certain situations. C-Tier and below are characters you likely won’t want to build too high, although they may also be effective in certain situations.

As always, the Path to Nowhere tier list is bound to change over time as new Sinners join the roster and nerfs and buffs are dished out to existing Sinners. Check back soon for updates, and comment below if you have anything to add.

Path to Nowhere is available on the App Store and Google Play.