PAYDAY 2 is Now Free to Steal on the Epic Games Store

PAYDAY 2 going F2P is the real heist.

PAYDAY 2, the popular first-person shooter developed by OVERKILL, is now free on the Epic Games Store for one week. 

Okay, so I’ve served Epic some hate for some of the games they’ve put up for free as part of their free weekly game program. But occasionally, they release a really good game that, if you haven’t had a chance to try, you should. PAYDAY 2 is certainly one of those games, and it’ll be free on Epic from June 8-15, 2023. 

If you’ve never got a chance to play the first PAYDAY and haven’t watched any gameplay — the game is a twist on the co-op shooter. In PAYDAY 2, players team up with three others online to rob a multitude of locations as characters Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains. 

With customizable cosmetics, different difficulties, and various ways to pull off the perfect heist, PAYDAY 2 is certainly a title to check out if you enjoy PvE first-person shooters. Watch the trailer for PAYDAY 2 below: 

To get the game, head over to the Epic Games Store page for PAYDAY 2, log into your Epic account, and add the game to your library. You’ll need to go through the typical purchase process, but the total cost of the game should be $0. 

If you’re interested to see what other games Epic has released for free, see our Epic Games Free Games List for more information. 

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