PAYDAY 3 Devs Apologize for Poor Console Performance

PAYDAY 3 devs on past sub-par console results: "It's our fault historically."

As stated in the PAYDAY 3 dev diary #2, the developer of the game, Starbreeze Studios, spoke about the rocky past of PAYDAY console ports and the future of the game on console. This time they are going to great lengths to ensure that console players have the same seamless experience as those enjoying the game on PC.

This should be a pleasant surprise to console fans of the heist game, as they have often been lauded as sub-par compared to their PC counterparts — sometimes to no fault of their own. 

In the developer diary, Craig Mcleod, Executive Producer, and Almir Listo, Global Brand Director of Starbreeze Studios, spoke about the “rocky road” that was PAYDAY 2 on the console. According to Listo: 

For me, one of the most important things is really drawing the right learnings from our mistakes in the past.

He goes on to state: 

The history of the console editions of Payday 2 is the rockiest of roads that we have had… our console heisters are the ones that have gotten the brunt of it, really. And I think it’s super unfortunate because the fact is they do not deserve it.

This time the devs will be rolling out a new account system to keep everything in sync. Starbreeze Nebula enables players to tie their game accounts across different platforms to save their progress between platforms. Yep, you heard it here first — PAYDAY 3 will be cross play and cross progression. And hopefully, with new development processes in place for consoles, the transition between PS5, Xbox X|S, and PC should be seamless.

Important to note the team is committed to bringing PAYDAY 3 to the latest-generation consoles. Not on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. 

Watch the full PAYDAY 3 developer diary below: 

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