Pepper Grinder Release Date, Trailer, and Details

Pepper Grinder drills into PCs and the Nintendo Switch.

Have you always dreamt of playing a side-scrolling action game as a girl on a giant drill, doing insane loops and ariel moves that would fill even the most talented stunt-flying enthusiasts with envy? If the answer is no, we don’t blame you–but wait! It actually looks like an awesome game. Developed by indie game development company Ahr Ech and published by Devolver Digital (Cult of the Lamb), here’s what we know about the Pepper Grinder release date, trailer, and details. 

Pepper Grinder Release Date & Trailer

Pepper Grinder is tapped to release on the PC & Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023. While the developers and publishers have yet to announce an official day, we’ll keep you updated as soon as Devolver Digital or Ahr Ech sends word. 

Luckily, we have this awesome Pepper Grinder trailer you can check out in the meantime: 

What is Pepper Grinder?

Pepper Grinder is a 2D pixel-art sidescroller where you take control of Pepper. This seafarer loves finding treasure and riding her giant drill, capable of aerodynamic and acrobatic feats. 

Shipwrecked and robbed by Narlings, Pepper must drill her way through several different environments to reclaim the booty that is rightfully hers. With colorful pixel art and a focus on precise movement and gameplay, we’re looking forward to this unique, fun-looking title. 

The game is already drawing comparisons to the 2006 Nintendo game Drill Dozer, and we know that if Pepper Grinder is similar, its learning curve and high skill cap will leave players with hours of fun on their hands. 

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