Pharaoh A New Era: How to Build a Medium Bent Pyramid

The Medium Bent Pyramid in Pharaoh: A New Era is a giant white pyramid outlined in Limestone. Even though starting construction is straightforward, finishing it is a bit more of a challenge. 

In Pharaoh: A New Era, players are tasked with constructing Snofru’s Bent Pyramid, a giant Monument made of Plain Stone and Limestone. Taking place between 2650-2246 BC, the pyramid is constructed in the city of South Dahshur. Before you complete construction, you’ll need to build a strong settlement and economy. 

How to Build a Medium Bent Pyramid in Pharaoh A New Era

The Medium Bent Pyramid is a large white pyramid comprising 48,000 blocks of Plain Stone and 24,000 blocks of Limestone. To build the Monument, construct Work Camps, Stonemasons, and Carpteners’ Guilds. Once ready, select the Monument icon on the right side of the screen and click on Medium Bent Pyramid. 

How to Build a Medium Bent Pyramid in Pharaoh A New Era

To build it, players must first build up their settlement and economy to support the city as construction occurs, then secure a steady stream of Limestone and Plain Stone. 

South Dashur lacks Plain Stone, so it must be imported from Meidum via a Water Route. Remember, to Trade via sea, players must build a Dock. 

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How to Get Limestone

In South Dashur, players won’t need to import Limestone because there is a supply of it on the east of the map. Players can construct a Ferry Landing to take villagers from the main island to the eastern island. Once the Ferry Landing is built, Select Production, then Limestone Quarry, and place them next to the stone. 

Pharaoh A New Era: How to Get Limestone

Remember to construct Supply Yards next to the Limestone Quarries, so your workers have somewhere to store the mined Limestone. I suggest clicking the Storage Yard, then clicking Accept None, and finally setting Limestone individually to Accept All. This will prevent workers from storing other goods in the Storage Yards next to your Limestone quarry. 

Pharaoh A New Era: Storage Yard

Constructing the Medium Bent Pyramid will take some time and a fairly sized settlement. There are Flood Plains on the Eastern side of the main isle that players can use to grow Chickpeas and Barley to produce Beer for exports. In my playthrough, Beer was the basis for my exports and enabled me to sustain a large enough economy to construct the Monument. 

I’ve had mixed results building no Housing next to smaller encampments, as in the case of my mini Limestone mining town, so usually, I’ll place a few Housing units and the bare essential Services there. 

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