Pharaoh A New Era: How to Build a Sun Temple

Blessings to the sun god.

The Temple of the Sun mission in Pharaoh: A New Era tasks players with building the iconic Sun Temple for the sun deity Ra. If you’re having trouble building it, we’ve got your solution. 

The Egyptian Sun Temple is an iconic Monument that players must build in the city of Djedu during the Old Kingdom between the periods of 2650-2246 BC. Constructing the giant structure requires a steady supply of Sandstone — a resource that isn’t naturally found on the map. 

How to Build a Sun Temple in Pharaoh A New Era

The Sun Temple requires Sandstone which players can obtain by opening a Land Trade Route with the nearby Dunqul Oasis. To start construction on the Sun Temple, players must store at least 220 Sunstone in their Storage Yards. Open the Overseer of Commerce tab on the left side of the screen, then set Sandstone to Importing to Maintain and set the number to 220. Once you’ve acquired the Sandstone, click Monuments and select Sun Temple. You’ll then be able to place the building in the grass. 

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220 Sunstone is quite a lot, so it will take a while to import what you need for Phase 1 of the build. You’ll need to continue importing the material to finish off construction. Players will also need to build the typical monuments required for the building, including: 

  • Carpenters’ Guilds
  • Stonemasons’ Guilds
  • Work Camps

Once you’ve set the ground floor for the Sun Temple, it’s just a matter of waiting to complete construction. You may have been confused initially because other Monuments require Plain Stone, while a Sun Temple requires Sunstone. 

The Sun Temple is an amazing re-creation of the actual structure and is actually one of the easier Monuments to construct. 

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