PlayStation 5 Has Been Jailbroken

Modders online claim to have broken in

The PS5 is a fantastic console with many capabilities. However, there are always those out there looking for ways to modify it from the intended operating system. With this, some gamers choose to jailbreak their systems, which means players can access things that were unintended for normal use, such as accessing debug menus and installing unauthorized software. Sometimes jailbreaking can completely change the capabilities of a device, but in the case of the PlayStation 5, this jailbreak method is actually very limited. Recently, an online modder cracked the code to the PlayStation 5. 

Jailbreaking Using Kernel Exploit on PlayStation 5

According to PlayStation modder, SpecterDev, users can take advantage of an exploit via WebKit ROP implementation of a PS5 kernel exploit based on TheFlow’s IPV6 Use-After-Free (UAF). Because of the nature of the jailbreak, it requires players to use WebKit to exploit a vulnerability in systems that use firmware 4.03 or lower.

However, even with this method, the actual jailbreaking only works some of the time, and its applications of it are limited.

Though some fellow modders, including Lance McDonald, have successfully jailbroken their PS5s, they were able to install the long-since gone Silent Hill demo, P.T. Still, they could not play it on the device, as it would not launch due to the debug menu not granting the ability to start the application.

Jailbreak Devices at Your Own Risk

Though the prospect of using unauthorized software and stretching the capabilities of a PlayStation 5 sounds fun, jailbreaking a device can not only break the device, it can also get players banned from their accounts. 

In addition, jailbreaking a device can void a player’s warranty, so all that they may be left with is an expensive paperweight for their endeavors. Players are not advised to jailbreak their devices but instead use their PS5 as Sony intended.

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