Best Fossil Cup Teams in Pokemon GO

Here are five solid teams you can try and run in the Pokemon GO Fossil Cup to take advantage of the current meta.
Best Fossil Cup Teams in Pokemon GO

Fossil Cup is a new event that is active for the next week of the GO Battle League. In the Pokemon GO Fossil Cup, players can only use Water, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon. That limits the Pokemon selection by quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to come up with some killer teams. Below, we’ve outlined some of the best Fossil Cup teams in Pokemon GO that you can build to dominate the event.

As there is only a limited amount of strong Pokemon to select, you’ll see lots of Registeel, Lucario, Escavalier, and Swampert. We’ve put together a list of some teams you can use to take advantage of the meta and also counter the meta so that you don’t have a terrible time facing all the Swampert teams.

Best Fossil Cup Teams in Pokemon GO

  • Swampert, Registeel, Ferrothorn
  • Registeel, Ludicolo, Poliwrath
  • Pelipper, Lucario, Escavalier
  • Magneton, Pelipper, Escavalier
  • Pelipper, Lucario, Registeel

Swampert, Registeel, Ferrothorn

Here’s a team you’ll probably encounter quite a bit in this Fossil Cup, as it’s the meta. The core is Swampert and Registeel, so you might see a lot of teams with some variation that includes these two Pokemon. But what about moves? For this team, you’ll want to run Swampert with Earthquake and Thunder on Ferrothorn.

Registeel, Poliwrath, Ludicolo

Here’s a team with an answer for the Swampert teams you’ll be encountering. For Poliwrath, Dynamic Punch is a good option, and Ice Punch can also be a bait move. Again, you’ll be meeting lots of Swampert teams, and a good counter is Ludicolo, so we put this Pokemon in the back.

Pelipper, Lucario, Escavalier

A bit unorthodox, but Acid Spray/Drill Run is the move you want for Escavalier. Megahorn is the typical move, but there’s really no reason to run it on this team. For Lucario, you’ll be looking at Power-Up Punch/Shadow Ball.

Magneton, Pelipper, Escavalier

For this team, you can run Magneton as an unexpected lead Pokemon, Pelipper as a safe swap, and Escavalier in the back. Lucario is also a good choice rather than Escavalier if you have one.

Pelipper, Lucario, Registeel

Here’s an all-around solid team to run in this meta. Pelipper is the lead, Lucario is the safe swap, and you can run Registeel, Escavalier, or Quagsire in the back. Escavalier is stronger versus a Registeel or Ferrothorn lead, but you’ll be weaker against enemy Pelipper. With this setup, you may be a bit weak against opposing Registeel.

The Master League and Fossil Cup run from June 15 to 22 in Pokemon GO. The Fossil Cup Pokemon are limited to Water, Rock, and Steel-types.

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