Project LLL Release Date, Trailer, and Details

NCSoft brings sci-fi, guns, and grit in the new Project LLL release trailer.

A new shooter title is in development. Brought to us by NCSOFT (Guild Wars 2), Project LLL is showing sci-fi stylings and a ruined city. Read on for the Project LLL release date, gameplay trailer, and details.

Project LLL Release Date

According to NCSOFT, Project LLL is scheduled to release worldwide in 2024. While an exact date has yet to be planned, we’ll make sure to keep this post updated as more details emerge. We don’t mind waiting for the final product of a game with so much to offer.

Project LLL Gameplay Trailer

Project LLL is a fusion of open-world MMOs and shooter games. Players use different weapons, tactics, and abilities to contest the enemies attacking Earth. It looked like The Division mixed with Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon.

Watch the gameplay trailer for Project Project LLL here:

A bunch is going on in the 9-minute trailer, but we noticed a couple of details. 

After a stealth-oriented section in an underground building, the player stops to “restore network access.” Does this tie into the teleporter used in the intro, since interference made the player land off-target?

The player used several different abilities to fight, particularly during the sequence in the city. These included a cloaking device, multi-missile launcher, and auto-aim system. These are a great way to spice up the standard shooter formula. 

We don’t know if the full game will feature more sprawling battlefields full of combatants on both sides, but we hope so. Especially if they feature special enemies like the Ravager combat machine shown around the last third of the trailer. The option to disable and hijack it for the player’s purposes reminds us of games like Just Cause in a very good way.

We only wish we’d seen more of the strange monster made of arms. The trailer showed just enough to showcase its power; we’re certain players will get to face it properly in the full release.

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