Raft Cheats and Commands: Best Mods

Here are some of the best Raft mods that will help you get the most out of the game.

Cheat codes and commands have been a part of video games since the days of the Konami Code. They are popular in survival games and sandbox games, allowing players to experiment with different items and buildings and see what’s possible in a game. One such example is Raft, a survival game where players must try and survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea full of dangers. Below, we’ll detail all the Raft cheats and commands and explain how cheats work in this game.

Raft once allowed cheat codes that could be activated by typing specific commands. After a few updates, cheat codes no longer exist in Raft, but there is still a way to cheat. Mods effectively allow players to achieve the same thing as cheat codes, but the process is a bit more complicated. You will want to use a third-party website called RaftModding, which has everything you need to start.

How to Install Raft Mods

To install Raft mods:

  1. Visit RaftModding and download the ModLoader.
  2. Search for Raft mods you want to use.
  3. Download and install specific Raft mods.

First, visit RaftModding and download the ModLoader for Raft. It’s open-source and safe to use at the time of writing, but we have no affiliation with the website and cannot guarantee its validity. The executable file will automatically use Steam to find your Raft folder and install the program. 

After the ModLoader is ready to go, browse the mods page to find mods that you want to use in Raft. There are dozens of mods, but we’ll make it easy for you by listing some of the top ones as voted by the Raft community.

Best Raft Mods for Cheating

The best Raft mods are:

  1. Item Spawner
  2. More Storages
  3. Solar Panel
Raft mods - Item Spawner
Item Spawner Raft mod

Item Spawner

Item Spawner is by far the most popular Raft mod and comes with an easy-to-use in-game menu. After installing Item Spawner, load Raft and press F8 to open the menu. Browse the categories to see which in-game items, modded items, animals, and landmarks or islands to spawn.

More Storages

More Storages is basically what it says on the tin–more storage space. The mod adds some bonus in-game storage, which can be useful in your voyage. The developer of this mod recommends using it with other mods like GarbageSucker for the most benefit.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel is another popular Raft mod, and it adds the ability to recharge your batteries during the daytime. All you need to do is craft it, place it, and recharge your batteries. Like More Storages, this can work well with other mods like GarbageSucker.

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