Ready or Not Streamer Update Teases Illicit Mystery

The SWATTING level in Ready or Not might not be what it seems.

Recently, VOID Interactive, the developers of the SWAT-style game Ready or Not, released more details for their upcoming new map, Streamer, in a blog post on Steam. In the post, they shed some light on the setup for the new mission, as well as shared a few screenshots from the map that will launch for the game’s official 1.0 full release.

Ready or Not Streamer Details

According to the devs, players will be responding to a call involving a well-known influencer named Michael, better known as Milky Toes, his online moniker. Milky Toes isn’t the most advertiser-friendly streamer, as he often finds himself in precarious situations and spreads toxicity to his rabid online following. According to the post, 

The situation revolves around expecting the unexpected.

Ready or Not Streamer Mission Server Room Screenshot
VOID Interactive

Rather than just being a typical gaming streamer and influencer, it looks like Milky Toes and his crew are up to no good, as there may be some illicit activities behind closed doors, which you’ll need to remedy, per usual. Unlike real scenarios of influencer SWATTING, a dangerous prank, it looks like the would-be troll was actually onto something here. 

We’re not 100% sure what the exact illicit activity is, but from the looks of some screenshots, it appears it might be some sort of illegal crypto or Bitcoin mining operation, considering the number of servers they have hooked up here. 

Like usual, Ready or Not developers take realistic scenarios but put their own twist on things. One thing is for certain — we can’t wait to try out the new mission. 

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