Ready or Not To Add Swatting Scenario in 1.0 Update

Always self-aware, Ready or Not, tasks players with Swatting a streamer.

Ready or Not, the SWAT FPS game that’s been in early access since December of 2021 is making a splash with a recently released trailer for their upcoming 1.0 full release. Since its initial EA launch, the game has had various updates, making it feel more realistic with every iteration. Now, the developers of the game, VOID Interactive, plan to get even more meta by adding a SWATTING level to the game, called “Streamer.”

As if out of a horror scene on Twitch, heavily armored police officers breach a house, only to find a hapless streamer trying to entertain his audience. 

There are various other missions in Ready or Not that loosely follow real-life SWAT scenarios, and this one is no different. What’s a bit strange (since we’ve played the game a lot) is that, typically, each level has some motivation behind there being bad guys you need to take out. 

Whether it’s someone trying to loot a gas station or a terrorist group taking over a school — usually there’s a reason that you’re there, so we’re interested to see what the Streamer mission is actually all about. 

Maybe they went super weird, and you just have to not shoot anyone. That would be novel, wouldn’t it? 

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