Resident Evil Village Third-Person Demo Mode Playable for 60 Minutes

At the latest Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom showed off a bunch of great new Resident Evil Content. One of the items showcased was an upcoming expansion for the hit game Resident Evil Village. The expansion is called Winters’ Expansion, set to release on October 28, 2023. 

With the expansion, players will also be able to explore the scary world of Resident Evil Village in either first-person or a newly revealed third-person. Recently, Capcom announced that a demo of the third-person perspective would be playable for 60 minutes, which is available for players to download immediately. However, once they played the demo for a total of 60 minutes, they will be unable to continue.

Perspective shift marks big changes for players

Resident Evil Village focused on showcasing the world in a first-person perspective. Much like its predecessor, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, players took control of Ethan Winters in his quest to get his daughter back. With a third-person perspective, the game will have a much different feeling and look to it. When asked during the Resident Evil Showcase why the change was made, Kento Kinoshita, who is the director of the upcoming Winters’ Expansion, stated: 

“When you play an FPS, you experience the game world as if it’s through your own eyes, so it can be incredibly scary to play a horror game from that perspective. There are some players out there who might find it too scary, or experience motion sickness in the first-person perspective, they might not enjoy the FPS genre. So we wanted to make a third-person mode for those players to enjoy the game to its fullest.”

Players can check out the official demo on Steam and see how they prefer to play this amazing horror game – and get prepared for the official release of the expansion on October 28, 2022.