Road 96: Mile 0 Prequel Story Explores the Unique Characters of Petria

DigixArt and Ravenscourt have released the prequel story to the critically acclaimed narrative adventure Road 96.

Road 96: Mile 0, the prequel to the acclaimed Road 96, just launched today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. If you’ve never played a narrative adventure game, it’s a story of decisions, conflict, and opposing viewpoints.

Set in the world of the first game called Petria, the game revolves around the unique characters that inhabit it. Players can play as Zoe and Kaito, choosing how their relationship grows while their beliefs clash. The game features a fantastic soundtrack that mixes new, famous, and returning tracks.

DigixArt has also created a launch trailer featuring Zoe and Kaito to celebrate the launch.

Players can further immerse themselves in the Road 96 universe with the Stronger Together Bundle, which includes an interactive eBook called Road 96: About A Girl and Road 96: Mile 0’s original soundtrack. The eBook reveals new places in Petria and revisits key events in the franchise from a different angle.

The Full Journey Bundle contains both games: Road 96 and its prequel Road 96: Mile 0 and is now available on the Steam Store. Both Road 96: Mile 0’s OST and Road 96: About A Girl can also be purchased as standalone digital content.

DigixArt, the game’s developers, is a video game development studio that aims to offer meaningful and innovative gaming experiences to a wide audience.

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