Roblox Evade Characters (May 2023)

We have the complete list of Roblox Evade characters and a rundown on what each of them does.

Evade is a Roblox experience developed by Hexagon Development Community where you must avoid getting eliminated by the bot. Do whatever it takes to survive, and never stop moving or it will be your last step! Below is an overview of all the Roblox Evade characters, including their perks and recommendations for which ones to pick.

Roblox Evade Characters

Here are all of the characters in Evade:

  • Headphones: auditory equipment increases the range of sounds and allows you to listen to sound when not directly visible.
  • Briefcase: grants a passive 10% cash bonus. 
  • Badge: grants a passive 10% experience bonus.
  • Stethoscope: medical equipment allows you to revive teammates 30% faster.
  • Bloxy Boy: upon being jump scared by the bot, you will be given a short speed boost.
  • Stilts: leg accessories increase your maximum speed by 6%.
  • Medkit: medical backpack increases your downed speed by 20%.
  • Mil-Grade Pack: a military-grade backpack increases the number of deployable items you can place by 5.
  • Hermes Shoes: haste-increasing shoes from the mythical god Hermes increase your running acceleration by 80%.

How to Change Characters in Evade

To change characters in Evade, go to the main menu, press the Equipment button, and go to the Character Shop. You can purchase a character using in-game cash. There are also characters available to purchase in the Daily Store.

How to Change Characters in Evade

What’s the Best Character in Evade?

The best character in Evade depends on your playstyle. Players who want to focus on survivability can use Medkit. Players who want to focus on reviving others can play Stethoscope. Badge and Briefcase are both good starter characters, as they provide cash and experience bonuses.

What’s the Fastest Character in Evade?

The fastest characters in Evade are Stilts and Hermes Shoes. Stilts increase your maximum speed by 6%, while Hermes Shoes increase your acceleration by 80%. Hermes Shoes is a preferable character if you like to hide in small spaces and be able to escape quickly.

Those are all the characters in Evade for Roblox. We’ll update this post as new updates are released and new characters make their way into the game.

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