Roblox Games Fund Increases by 10 Million Dollars

The Roblox Game Fund supports up-and-coming Roblox developers

As showcased at the latest RDC 2022, Roblox will receive a massive facelift in terms of the game engine. This means that a wider variety of more powerful tools will be at the disposal of eager developers. In line with this improvement in tech, Roblox recently announced an additional 10 million dollars for the Roblox Game Fund, an international program dedicated to providing funding and support for Roblox Experience developers. 

More Funds Means More Innovative Experiences

The Roblox Game Fund was announced in July 2021 on the Roblox Developer Forums. The fund supports developers looking to innovate with the Roblox platform. A minimum of $500,000 is allocated per developer, meaning there is serious support for Roblox developers. 

Roblox prioritizes Experiences that focus on multiplayer, social mechanics, and in-game avatars. They are also looking for games that consider mobile optimization, cross-platform experiences, and games that can be monetized with “Metaverse” items. 

The additional $10 million is massive and brings the total for the Roblox Game Fund to 35 million dollars. 

What Roblox Games are Being Developed Right Now?

The current Roblox games are currently under development via the Roblox blog

  • Maximillian Studios, creator of Frontlines, a blockbuster FPS game with an unrivaled visual aesthetic.
  • tinyBuild and Amber Studio, creators of Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer social horror game.
  • Phaser Lock Interactive, creator of Primal Hunt, an action-packed, multiplayer dinosaur hunting experience.
  • Sawhorse, creator of the highly anticipated Fashion Klossette, a next-generation fashion experience built in partnership with supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, who recently launched Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase on Roblox.
  • Kong Orange and Chop Chop Games, creators of Skullbeat, a musical auto-battler powered by dance moves and style points.

Take a look at some trailer footage for some of Roblox games currently supported by the Roblox Games Fund: 

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