Robocop and Terminator Games Currently in Development

Freeze, punk! You have to know about these games under development.

Millennials and fans of the 90s should be excited to hear that our favorite big-screen robot icons are soon making their way to PCs and gaming systems. Recently announced at Nacon Connect 2022, both RoboCop and Terminator games are under development, with RoboCop making its debut in June 2023. Here’s everything we know about these classic game adaptations. 

RoboCop Will Be a Narrative-Driven Singleplayer Experience 

Though things can change between now and next year, we know that RoboCop: Rouge City is listed on Steam as a single-player game. While this makes sense (I mean, we couldn’t have 20 RoboCops running around in one city), it’s still going to be fantastic to immerse in the universe of the ’90s film. Thank goodness they didn’t choose to adapt the 2014 trainwreck

We know from the trailer that you’ll be playing the titular Robocop, fighting crime in Old Detroit. Old characters of the movie make appearances, including the iconic ED-209. We’re not sure how faithful it will be to the actual film, but we do know one thing: we’re aiming for the balls. 

RoboCop: Rouge City is developed by Teyon and distributed by Nacon. It is scheduled to release in June 2023 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. 

See the trailer for the game below: 

Terminator Will Be an Open-World Survival Experience

Not much is known about the Terminator Survival Project, other than it’s currently under development with Nacon Studio Milan. We have no clue whether you play as the robots or humans trying to survive against them, but we do know that we’re super excited about the concept alone. 

Image via Nacon Studio Milan

Not to speculate, but we’d love to see a game where you play as a human and slowly collect materials to build up your own T-800. For our sakes, let’s hope they turn off the friendly fire. 

Here’s the reveal trailer: 

We’ll be back about both games as they develop over in our News Section