Rust Industrial Update Adds Production Chains & Automation

It's a whole new world.

The Rust Industrial Update patch notes for February 2, 2023, introduce adaptors, conveyor belts, and the removal of the Hapis map. 

The Rust Industrial Update is upon us, bringing a new world of possibilities with Adaptors, Conveyors, and Industrial Crafters. The community has been asking for these features for years, and we finally have it in this new update. 

Rust Industrial Update Patch Notes February 2, 2023

The Rust Industrial Update on February 2, 2023, includes the following updates and enhancements:

Industrial Update Additions & Features

Players can now place Storage Adaptors on their Storage containers, connect those to a conveyor, then feed them into an Industrial Crafter — which you can set to craft things while you’re away from your base. Using your wrench, the level of production chain you can build is really up to your imagination. There is, however, a limit of 12 items or categories for each Conveyor filter.

  • Added Storage Adaptor
  • Added Industrial Conveyor
  • Added Pipe Tool
  • Added Industrial Combiner
  • Added Industrial Splitter
  • Added Industrial Crafter
  • Added Electric Furnace
  • Added multithreaded networking support (disabled by default)
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Storage Adaptor
Image: Facepunch


Facepunch continues to work on performance by stabilizing a lot of the in-game systems, including water. Here’s the specifics: 

  • Improved server performance for chains of water containers
  • Can now increase the blur quality of depth of field via graphics.dof_kernel_count (0,1,2,3)
  • Can disable particle and animator LOD for cinematics (graphics.disableParticleLod and graphics.disableAnimatorLod)
  • Server name no longer appears in Rust+ menu if streamer mode is active
  • Codelock default options changed around
  • There are now several different varieties of train loot wagons (different sets of crates)


Hapis was somewhat outdated, and as a static map — well, it got stale. According to the notes, there weren’t enough resources to work on it, so they’ve disabled it. That said, they have stated they are working on other static maps, so that’s something to look forward to. Weirdly, fullscreen support was also removed once devs discovered that people get better FPS when in windowed.  

  • Removed fullscreen exclusive support as it was causing degraded performance compared to borderless fullscreen mode
  • Hapis Map has been sunset
Rust Wrench

Bug Fixes

Here are all the bugfixes that the development team made in the Industrial update: 

  • Fixed behavior when attempting to spectate a player via the admin tools when another player with the same name is on the server
  • Kicking a player via the admin tools will now correctly use the supplied kick reason
  • Fixed admin UI no longer functioning if player is disconnected from server while UI is open
  • Fixed aggressive rowboat LOD levels (details disappeared too soon)
  • Fixed incorrect notes on bass guitar and xylobones when using MIDI input
  • Fixed missing ceiling collision in water treatment plant “pigeon nest” building
  • Fixed code lock lights no longer being visible through transparent objects like glass
  • Fixed Blackjack tables using hold-to-dismount if the hold to dismount convar was set above zero
  • Fixed sfx playing incorrectly if a shot ends while a sfx is triggered in the demo editor
  • Fixed gibs sometimes failing to spawn after a while when scrubbing through a demo
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