Rust Lunar New Year Items 2023

The year of the Rabbit.

Are you looking to don some fresh new threads for Lunar New Year in Rust? Here are the cosmetic items available in the store right now. 

This year’s Lunar New Year is the year of the Rabbit, and Rust is celebrating by making a few cool new cosmetics available for players to scoop up. This year, we’re getting a bunch of bunny-themed stuff, which makes sense considering what year it is.

Rust Lunar New Year Items 2023

The following items are now available in the Rust Shop

  • Chinese Lantern
  • Dragon Door Knocker
  • Large Fireworks Pack x6
  • Large Rabbit Box
  • Lunar Locker – Rabbit
  • Lunar Rabbit Fortune’s Gate
  • New Year Gong
  • Rabbit Mask
  • Red Envelope Satchel Charge
  • Small Fireworks Pack
  • Small Rabbit Box
  • Year of the Rabbit AR
Rust Lunar New Year 2023 Cosmetics
Rust Lunar New Year 2023 Cosmetics

What item has caught your eye? I’ve got to admit; I’m excited to run down some noobs in the Rabbit Mask like I’m some rabid fiend from The Purge movies. 

Combine that with some terrifying screaming through area chat, and you’ll be sure to dirty up some burlap trousers in the process. 

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