Safe In Our World Launches Sidekick for Gamers’ Mental Health

This interactive journal is a low-pressure way for gamers to incorporate self-care into their daily routines.

In a significant move to support mental health in the gaming community, the video game mental health charity Safe In Our World, in collaboration with Peregrine Coast Press, is set to launch Sidekick: The Video Games Mental Health Journal on July 15, 2023. 

The need for such a resource is underscored by a survey of players who reported experiencing online harassment. The results revealed that one in five felt uncomfortable or upset after playing, one in seven felt isolated or alone, and one in ten had depressive or suicidal thoughts.

Safe in Our World Sidekick
Safe in Our World

Sky Tunley-Stainton, Partnerships & Training Manager at Safe In Our World, highlighted the dual-edged nature of gaming,

Gaming can be a positive outlet for so many individuals, but things like exposure to online harassment and harmful conduct in gaming spaces can also have a negative impact on people’s mental health,

Sidekick aims to provide a familiar and supportive resource for those in the gaming community who may need help managing their mental health. It includes 140 pages of mental health and video game activities, prompts, and journaling pages. 

This initiative by Safe In Our World is a commendable step towards addressing mental health issues in the gaming community, providing gamers with a tangible resource to help navigate their mental well-being.

Gamers can pick up the Sidekick on the official Peregrine Coast Press website

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