Silent Hill: Ascension Release Date, Trailer, and What We Know So Far

Excited for the most interactive Silent Hill experience yet? Here's the Silent Hill: Ascension release date, trailer, and everything we know so far.

The recent Silent Hill Transmission event gave fans of the series tons of content to look forward to. After years of not having anything come out for the Silent Hill franchise, fans were treated to new upcoming games, such as Silent Hill: TownfallSilent Hill f, and an upcoming film Return to Silent Hill. In addition to those exciting entries, fans also got to hear about Silent Hill: Ascension, which will be an interactive horror experience that fans can experience simultaneously with millions of other players from all over the world. But what is the Silent Hill: Ascension release date?

When is the Silent Hill: Ascension Release Date?

Revealed at the Silent Hill Transmission event, Silent Hill: Ascension is on track to release in 2023. However, Konami has not confirmed an exact day yet. Gamers can visit the Silent Hill: Ascension website to sign up to get news updates about the new experience.

Silent Hill: Ascension Trailer – What Fans Can Expect

According to the official Ascension website, Silent Hill: Ascension is developed by Bad Robot Games and Behaviour and claims to be an interactive fan experience. In association with Konami, this new interactive horror experience, fans will not only be able to shape and control the story but can also help to dictate the future and story of Silent Hill forever. In addition, fans can even appear in the event. 

Watch the trailer here:

How exactly this will be implemented remains to be seen. However, the prospect of appearing on an official Silent Hill event and becoming part of Silent Hill canon will be great for any fan. 

Fans may get their chance to be a part of Silent Hill history forever when Silent Hill: Ascension goes live in 2023.

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