Silent Hill Transmission – Announcements, Trailers, and What We Learned

Much was revealed in the new Silent Hill Transmission, including a re-release of Silent Hill 2, a movie, and new games.

Fans of the Silent Hill series were eagerly awaiting today’s Transmission premier in the hopes of finding out Konami’s latest updates on the popular horror series. Since the game has not received any new additions to the series since 2012, the Transmission event was a big deal in the community. As the event kicked off at 5 p.m. EST, players were treated to footage showcasing some of the newest additions to the Silent Hill franchise. Contained in the Transmission footage, players saw a preview of Silent Hill 2 re-release, which completely revitalizes the game originally released in 2001, all-new games, and a new Silent Hill movie. Keep reading for all the trailers and learn more about what happened during the Silent Hill Transmission.

Silent Hill 2 Re-Release Trailer

After the initial footage of the remake of Silent Hill 2, the producer of the series, Motoi Okomoto, discussed what fans could expect from the updated game. Featuring all-new graphics and music & sounds created by original composer Akira Yamaoka–the game should be a great revival for anyone who has played the originals. And, for those new to the series–will prove a quality experience in the classic horror world of Silent Hill.

Watch the Silent Hill 2 Re-Release Trailer here: 

Silent Hill: Townfall – The Next Round of Silent Hill

Among all of the excitement of having a classic horror game reimagined for a new audience, players were also shown a new Silent Hill game, called Silent Hill: Townfall. The game now only features a trailer but is being developed by No Code, who previously worked on titles such as Stories Untold and Observation. 

The upcoming Silent Hill: Townfall seems to be a return to the classic horror gameplay of the series. The game is currently in development by Konami, and no release date has been announced yet, so fans can only watch the trailer in hopes of finding any additional information about it for now.

Watch the Trailer for Silent Hill: Townfall here: 

Return to Silent Hill  is a New Silent Hill Film

After learning about Silent Hill: Townfall, fans were introduced to Rui Naito, who is the Assistant Producer, and in charge of IP and cross-media development for the franchise. In his address to the audience, he touched on a brand new Silent Hill film that is coming out, directed by Christophe Gans, who directed the first Silent Hill film.

The new film is called Return to Silent Hill and will follow all of the details from the second game in the series very closely. However, Gans states that while fans may find it familiar, he does have a few surprises in store for them in this upcoming film.

Watch the trailer for Return to Silent Hill here:

Silent Hill: Ascension – A New Kind of Interactive Horror with

Also shown off during the Transmission was a trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension, directed by J. J. Abrams. The experience is described by Jacob Navok, the CEO of Genvid as a “Live, real-time interactive series, where millions of fans will watch together as the chilling story unfolds.” 

Fans will be able to change the outcome of the story, and help to shape the future and story of Silent Hill. And, mentions Navok, “you can even be a part of scenes.” The decisions that players make will also “mean life or death in the story” continues Navok. Fans of the series can experience all this scary fun when Silent Hill: Ascension goes live in 2023. Players can sign up at for updates.

Watch the trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension here:

Silent Hill f Puts a Unique Japanese-Inspired Twist on the Series

Wrapping up the trailer, players got a short look into the upcoming work in progress for the series, with Silent Hill f. Though not much was stated about the game at the time of the trailer, it seems to be a Japanese inspired game that showcases the classic horror of the series in a new setting with exciting new characters. Fans can look forward to new information on this game in the future.

Watch the Silent Hill f trailer here: 

Players Can Also Get Merchandise from the Series

Finally, players who are eagerly awaiting Silent Hill can pick up merchandise to prepare for the upcoming film and games. Shown off during the Transmission were some 1/6 scale statues of Red Pyramid Thing, James Sunderland, Maria, and even the Inu-End, which is designed as a coin bank. 

Many other items were shown, including limited edition Silent Hill-themed skateboard decks, shirts, hats, and plush from the series.

Watch the full Silent Hill Transmission here

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