What is Skate Story?

This skating game is unlike anything you've played before.

Skate Story is an upcoming game where players cruise through a colorful underworld as a skating hellspawn made of glass. 

Skating games have come a long way since the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Many contemporary skating games, like Skate, opt for a more realistic take on the genre, forgoing the often wacky and sometimes over-the-top antics of the classic title. 

Skate Story, an upcoming game created by Sam Eng and published by Devolver Digital, looks to split from this popular trend by developing an otherworldly skating game where you play as a demon of the underworld. In Skate Story, your goal is simple yet epic. Skate to the Moon and swallow it for your eternal freedom. Sound strange? Well, it is–and that’s part of the appeal. 

Skate Story screenshot
Image: Devolver Digital

In the game, players will be tasked with destroying demons, helping tortured souls, and questing in The Emptylands, a colorful dream-like landscape, all while performing kickflips and ollies. 

Part of the appeal of Skate Story is the hypnotic soundtrack that will accompany your skating adventures. With music by the famed indie chillwave band Blood Cultures and tracks by John Fio, you’ll be pulling off tricks to epic beats. 

Skate Story Trailer

The minute-and-a-half trailer showcases your glass demon pulling off a sick kickflip to Set it on Fire by the Blood Cultures. 

“Made of glass and pain”

The trailer showcases some of the mechanics and the physics engine within the game, and some tricks players can pull off. Unlike a human, you’re bound to shatter when you wipe as a demon made of glass. 

While an exact release date has yet to be confirmed, Skate Story is slated to release in 2023 for PC. 

Players can wishlist Skate Story on Steam

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